Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and send me messages.  It is wonderful to see people who are also engaged in these issues and want to read my extensive research and writing!  This site is roughly five years old and has evolved over time as my knowledge and experience has grown.  It first began as an expose on the energy industry, which was a primary interest at the time.  I currently write about economics, technology, society, and touch on philosophy as well.  This blog aims to be a translation of my thoughts and research on confusing topics in economics and how logical economics can explain many phenomena in society.  I attempt to differentiate myself from the likes of Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and other media by simplifying concepts and bringing them to light in terms of what I believe is the only consistent school of economics in the world: the Austrian School of Economics.  I also aim to leave my readers satisfied by tying up loose ends that often leave people confused after reading an article on economics.  Because all economic concepts are interconnected, I do not believe in separating them according to “micro” or “macro” designations.  Everything you read here is my dedicated attempt to provide congruence and clarity on “the dismal science.”


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