The Gates Foundation and Contraceptives

The world’s population is growing way too fast, but here’s the thing: population growth in Europe, China, Japan, and America has virtually come to a standstill or even reversed (well, the reversal needs to be addressed as well and that post is for another day).  The areas where we need effective birth control are also the poorest nations on the planet.  Allowing people to plan offspring prevents problems related to nutrition and sanitation and clearly raises living standards for families that use contraception.

I was thrilled to hear that the Gates Foundation will be administering a massive contraception effort in 69 impoverished countries with a drug called “Depo-Provera.”  This drug costs 1 dollar per shot and will be produced by companies like Pfizer through Gates Foundation funds.  The drug will be available at little to no cost and requires almost no technical expertise in administering the shot.

There are countless examples of countries that have stopped skyrocketing birth rates through simply contraception efforts by the government.  Bangladesh, a poor Muslim nation next to India, recently dropped birth rates from around 7 children per woman down to about 2.2 (!!!!) through a government effort to provide free contraceptives.  The way they did this was by allowing women to spread the drug themselves, apparently, meaning it spread quickly and women trusted one another that it would be safe.

As much as I want government to stay away from progress, I am happy to pay a tiny chunk of change to help nations deal with their booming populations.  Paying that small amount upfront could prevent the hassle of dealing with poverty on the back-end through expensive volunteer work efforts (shipping in food, sanitation supplies, etc., etc.) and knowing that millions upon millions of people won’t be starved, aimless souls walking around the planet.