Ride the Tiger

I promise you, life is fun when you can do stuff like this... ^
Leading by example creates a “pay-it-forward effect”

I am trying to reach inner enlightenment by beginning my quest to be an autonomous deity in charge of my own future.  This realization came to me after reading Julius Evola’s “Ride the Tiger.”  Evola shows us that the path of life will always be in a battle between triumph and chaos, but the only way to properly end the chaos is by EVERY man reaching inner-enlightenment and pursuing Godly ideals: mastery of the mind, body, and soul and respecting ancient cultural traditions that taught us how to avoid chaos and kept us vigilant of trouble.  I may not directly agree with all this man says, but I agree with the principles he teaches.

The metaphor “Ride the Tiger” refers to the need of the enlightened man to ride the tiger of chaos until it tires out.  Only then has he conquered its wrath and chaos.  This means one shall remain autonomous and cool and save himself from the violence of the tiger’s (collective society’s) ways.

Some folks may claim that my quest is selfish and that I’ve given up on helping society.  Well it’s not that I don’t care about making the world better, but there has to become a marginal benefit.  I can’t spend my life mending every problem in society because I won’t be able to pursue the things that I need to do and matter most to me.

Anyway, this book aligns closely with the subjects I write about in this blog.  I often talk about sustainability in our lives and mostly about energy sources, how we need to align personal responsibility and moderation with practical ways to meet our needs in life.  If we did that successfully, we wouldn’t need like… “climate change action” or other environmental campaigns.

I mean, are you guys listening?  This is powerful stuff…  Can’t we all be a little more cognizant?!

Keep pursuing greatness, my friends


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