Non-Religious Populations Have Not Been Sustainable / Thoughts on Family

Religion may be coming under fire as many these days are starting to see science as the almighty explanation for everything that exists.  However, this “atheism,” or a lack of spiritual guidance may be having severe repercussions on societies where such beliefs are dominant.

My point in this article is to show you evidence that non-religious populations are not sustainable: not a single non-religious population has been able to sustain it’s population.  The death rate is higher than the birth rate in every one of these nations.  The study is right here:

This definitely does not have to do with the economy, because the nations with the most successful socialist policies (basically Scandinavia and most of Europe) have very low birth rates.  In fact, they have had to introduce policies that artificially incentivize families to have children.

This is not merely “interesting,” but highly concerning.  I would never ask anyone to pick some random religion in order to overcome this, but I merely ask that people find a reason to value human life.  Surely there is a reason for you to work hard to become the picture of an accomplished human being and want to share those values with a family.

I was recently watching home videos that my parents had converted to DVD.  I watched nostalgically through the grainy video tape quality as my father gently called my name when I was a toddler and saw how he gently molded me into the person that I am today.  That was also accomplished through the love he had for my mother that continues to flourish to this day.