The Skinny on Keystone XL: You Should Support It

To understand why this pipeline is being proposed, we must understand the economic need for such a project.  The project is designed to more easily transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada to America, as well as free up the bottleneck of oil in Cushing, Oklahoma, by connecting it to the Gulf Coast, allowing for better and more efficient transportation of the oil.

Here’s the deal: Keystone XL is actually replacing trucks and tankers as a means of transportation.  The controversial aspect of the project is the oil derived from the tar sands, and to a lesser extent, the fear of an oil spill from the pipeline.  However, this is why we need that oil from Canada: naturally Canada will drill for this oil, because they want greater control over their sources of oil, and it also adds a more proportional mix of oil that isn’t coming from Middle Eastern nations with a tendency of hostility towards western society.

Here’s why you should support the pipeline:

1) You’re still using gasoline in your car.

2) We would rather have oil coming from Canada, where they aren’t hostile towards Americans.

3) The pipeline offsets emissions by removing the need for trucks and tankers to transport that oil.  Think of the pipeline as an operational efficiency measure, freeing up the bottleneck at Cushing and transporting oil with the minimum amount of oil put in to move it.

4) As for the spillage, TransCanada wants to avoid paying anything extra to clean up a mess of oil.  Don’t you think it is in their best interest to make sure they double-check their work?  Accidents happen, but many of these pipeline spills are on the scale of tens of thousands of gallons, which is really very little.  If the land surrounding the pipeline were owned through private ownership, there were be far more stringent regulation on spillage.