Government Intervention vs. Competition

One of the chief concerns that socialists have about free-market capitalism is the dumb excuse we often hear, that “the market will handle everything.”  I sometimes use this term, but when I say it, it’s always within the context that the needs, concerns, and demands of human beings will go answered through initiative, not by picking winners and losers and bleeding wealth in the process.

We are so burdened by rules and regulations, that the sources of power that are actually clean and cheap thanks to superb innovation and engineering on the part of people like Hyman Rickover, one of the finest nuclear engineers of the 20th century, are as good as outlawed in America.  Now, even nuclear energy was designed and created by the military, but it was actually a fantastic source of power with economic scale and efficiency, even if the upfront costs were high.  The government shut down all plans for future nuclear power plants under massive pressure from safety concerns.  Nuclear plants are as good as dead in America, in an age where people are so concerned about environmental impacts.  Nobody has taken the time to figure out just how safe this source of power actually is when properly designed.  Now cheap natural gas has become the new nuclear power in the eyes of the public, with environmentalists failing to do research and simply protesting against “fracking.”

They are mostly unable to substantiate their claims with hard evidence and have not researched thoroughly enough
They are mostly unable to substantiate their claims with hard evidence and have not researched thoroughly enough

It’s sort of a misinterpreted idea that economics has everything “figured out.”  It’s a pretty ridiculous idea, in fact.  Life happens and we need to find ways to deal with it.  Now here’s an innovative group that wants to make solar very profitable by responding to a large issue in modern society: freshwater shortage.  The recent draught in California, for instance, has been terrible.  But the fact is, water has ALWAYS been an issue in California.  This one company utilizes the advantage of solar power to generate high returns while desalinating water:

It’s a brilliant idea, and it leverages a technology that people previously thought was a waste of taxpayer dollars.  Now it has a market that makes so much sense, and it’s no small market either.  Unfortunately, water rates do not actually reflect the prices that we need to be paying.  The state loses taxpayer dollars while keeping out competition from new potential players like these guys.

We need to think actively to keep capitalism working.  Anyone who tells you they’ve “given up” on the system is misinformed and doesn’t understand the nature of life itself, that we continually face problems as a society, and it’s obviously best to implement the least expensive method for solving them.