How a Lack of Personal Responsibility is Responsible for Everything that Goes Wrong in Life

Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil
Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

I was at a store the other day, in the line about to check out at the register.  I was in the company of a nice man who was speaking with the store clerk.  It was a health food store and he ended up on a discussion about children spending too much time on their phones nowadays (I can agree with this).  However, he finally said: “People wonder why everyone is obese these days.  Nobody plays outside anymore!”  The people in his vicinity (except for me) all shook their heads in agreement, but sort of went silent after that.  Now, this man was visibly overweight, if not obese.  Granted he was about 6′ 2″ and looked to have a pretty large frame in general, but that is no excuse to carry 80 lbs. of extra fat on your frame.  One of my other passions is nutrition and fitness and I know that while it can be difficult for endomorphs to lose body fat, it is by NO means impossible.  I’ve seen many with great physiques.  The point is that this man was lacking in “personal responsibility.”

Lack of personal responsibility is a deadly killer.  It’s like the grim reaper.  It sneaks up from behind, under a veil of disguise that everything is good and copacetic.  It is what creates the need for the government to step in and say “As of now, we control this realm of society.  We will tax you for it and you will all whine about it, but we need to take over and protect you against yourselves.” (government-owned parks, laws against animal cruelty, climate change legislation, anti-trust laws, food processing inspectors, etc.)  The problem is that we ALL know what is wrong and what is right.  Cutting down the rain forest is bad, littering is bad and obesity is bad, do I need to add any more platitudes??  The most recent economic recession of 2008 was created, in a large part, by a lack of personal responsibility.  I’m sorry for the tough words of life advice, but if you can’t afford a home worth 500,000 dollars, you cannot buy that home.  You owe that responsibility to society.  If you, yourself, weigh over three hundred pounds, you cannot walk around presenting yourself as a walking paradox for children to see.  If YOU shrug your head and claim we need to stop environmental injustices, look at your own life and see what you need to change.


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